Me For Her Podcast

Ep 24 - Mardi Gras & LGBTIQ+ Pride Special

Episode Summary

In light of Mardi Gras last weekend, the girls catch up and reflect on their fav Mardi experiences over the last decade. Hear about: - Their best Mardi memories to date (and the token lesbian tattoo Leigh got) - The history behind Mardi and the story of how it started in 1978 - What Mardi Gras is like now in 2021 vs in 2011 - Why the LGBTIQA+ community (still) need to celebrate NB: Mardi Gras is a chance to celebrate and be proud of being your authentic self. We honour anyone who has taken a stand for who they are and who they love, even if it meant being outcasted, bullied or turned away by family. We love you, and you are perfect just the way you are! x