Me For Her Podcast

Ep 20 - What The IVF? with Hayley and Fiona (Part 1)

Episode Summary

In today's episode we talk to power couple Hayley and Fiona from the What The IVF? Podcast. Look familiar? Fiona Falkiner is a former Biggest Loser contestant & host, and Hayley Willis is a sports reporter for Channel Nine. They are engaged to be married and are expecting their first child in March 2021. Hear us talk to the girls about... - Coming out and pursuing their attraction to women - Who slid into who's DM's and how they got together - The highs and lows of their IVF Fertility journey ...all this and more in Part 1. NB: This is a two-part series. Part 2 will be released on Monday 22nd February, 2021.